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Almost there….!!!

We are in our new home and LOVING IT!!!! We had an amazing crew, of family and friends, here today helping to get us moved in and set up!! Thanks to all of you that helped to make this eventful day even better with your help and presence!! The pull-up rig was a day long project but is up and it is AWESOME!!! Tomorrow we will be organizing and cleaning! Feel welcome to come and see it 🙂 We will post pictures asap!! *Note, if you do stop by, the sign by our door still says “Paul’s of Mt. Pleasant”, but we are here— 584 W. Pickard Street! See you soon! Check back soon for pictures!

Here is a sneak peek at what is to come!!!! 😀

Jeremy, Ryan, & Tom setting up the Pull-Up Rig!

Susie with Bentley, Brandon, Jeremy, & Tom!  SO excited to finally start setting up!!

Teamwork at its finest! Charles & Kirsten!

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