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Feeling sore??

I’m sure everybody is starting to get a tad sore, tight, and grungy after the last couple days.  That is why it is so important that we work and spend time on the mobility and stretching portions each day.  We want to take full advantage of our ability to recover so that we can train harder the next time we step into the gym!!  STRIVE TO BE BETTER EVERY DAY!!!!!

Today’s WOD:
3 rounds   *for time will be determined before WOD*
200m run
lunges, 30 feet
10 jumping pull ups
P.S.  Hey guys, this is YOUR gym!! You all make up the community here at CrossFit Worthy!!  You are doing the work and putting forth the effort!  When you get done with your WODs, besides just putting your scores up on the whiteboard, from now on, post them to the comments section each day!  Be proud of the work you did!!

3 Comments on “3-15-2012

  1. Completed 3 rounds in 4:30

    Used 25lb, 45lb, 25lb for lunges.

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