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Today’s WOD
AMRAP 12 mins.
 300m row
5 KTE (knees to elbows)
10 single arm kettlebell push press
  (10 reps per side)
Sarah & Maggie ready for their first CrossFit workout 🙂 You can SEE the EXCITEMENT!!!
Also, great job to everyone today! You gave it your all and kicked butt!

6 Comments on “3-16-2012

  1. 5 rounds + 252m
    used 35lb kettlebell

    The rower is a TORTURE device!!!

  2. 4 rounds even. used 15lb dumbbell.
    Kicked my butt good! 🙂

  3. I didnt want to take a day off today, so I made my own WOD.

    AMRAP – 10 Minutes

    -Ran the bleachers @ the high school 18 steps-
    -10 Box jumps
    -5 Pushups

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