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Hey guys, today and this week in general we will begin to introduce you to the barbell lifts.  We will find your baseline weights and start a Linear Progression Program to get you stronger than ever!!
And please, to all of our fabulous women, do not be scared of the weights.  They are your friend, they will not make you “big and bulky”.  They will only help you on your quest of becoming a healthier and fitter person!  If you don’t believe me, check out this great article from Crossfit Southbay.
Prepare to bang some weights and have some fun!!
SWOD:  Back Squat 3×5
             Press 3×5
WOD:  5 rounds for time:
          8 wall ball
         8 push ups
        8 body rows

2 Comments on “3-19-12

  1. Squat: 245
    Press: 125

    WOD: 4:46 W/20lb ball

    My lifts are LOW! oh well, no where to go but back up!

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