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It’s days like this that get me so jacked up and excited about life!!  It may be raining outside, but not in here!!  Heavy cleans and short intense WODs are the stuff dreams are made from, don’t be weird, I know you think that too!

A few pics: Connor putting up some heavy weight, Randy and my wonderful wife Susie busting out this morning’s WOD, big John, and some dream ingredients.

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SWOD: Power Clean 5×3
WOD: AMRAP in 10 mins.
            10 kettlebell snatches R
            16 russian lunges
            10 kettlebell snatches L
           16 russian lunges

3 Comments on “3-23-2012

  1. Power Clean: 185
    WOD: 4 rounds + 9 snatches R


  2. I look awesome in this picture!!! Totally focused and pounding them out 🙂

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