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Wow…….That is all I can say as I looked at the white board today, just before I washed it clean to start this weeks programming. You guys put in ALOT of work each week, and it is so awesome to see it all collected on the board.    Keep it up WODkillas…..

Dale and Brian knocking out Friday’s WOD

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SWOD:   Squat 3×5 (add 5lbs to last work out)
WOD:  For time:
             kettlebell swings (1-pood [35lbs])
            push press  (95lbs)

3 Comments on “3-26-2012

  1. 16 kg kettle swings with 95 lb push press….my time was high fives….don’t remember the time for sure i was to focused on breathing again 😉 Thanks again for the awesome workout!!!!

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