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It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood……..if you don’t mind the cold.

Quick pic of the 5:00am class rocking through today’s WOD!
SWOD:    Dead Lift 5RM (add 10lbs to last workout)
                 3 rounds max rep pull ups – report lowest score
WOD:    AMRAP 10 mins:
              abmat sit-ups
             on the minute, every minute complete 5 burpees
            Report number of sit up reps

4 Comments on “3-27-2012

  1. Dead Lift: 325
    Pull ups: 4……..darn

    WOD: 163

    My pull ups sucked it up today! I did 9 the first time, then 6, then barely 4. GRRRrrrr!!!

  2. Deadlift- 155
    6 pull up w/ 2 green bands
    WOD: 115

    Did my first pull up since elementary school and next week I will be deadlifting more than my body weight, so excited!

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