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If any of our ladies were worried about “bulking up” from all of our heavy lifting, here is a great quick article dispelling those falsehoods.

Also, here is a really quick article about the importance of ingesting omega-3 fatty acids and eating more fish.

Here are some pics!  Here is me doing my best impression of a fish out of water, Connor and Anneliese during and after last evenings WOD, and Randy getting out some aggression this morning!

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SWOD:  Rope climbs/technique

WOD:  “Wednesday gone bad”
             Every minute complete as many reps as possible in each station, no rest in between.  Athlete must move to next station quickly for best score.  AHAP – As Heavy As Possible
            Sledge Strikes
           Box Jumps
          Tire Flips
          Row (for calories)
         Farmers Walk
Repeat 3 times, 1 minute rest between rounds.

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  1. Crossfit Worthy has nothing on The Yard WODs. Just playing keep up the good work and for all of you who attends Crossfit Worthy Jeremy is a beast and great guy. Tell wifey we say hi.

    Bryan Iler-the crew from the Creek

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