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Do you guys realize how awesome you all did yesterday??  7 of you Deadlifted over body weight, and 4 of you did it for your FIRST TIME!!!!  That is awesome!!  I’m so proud of you guys!  Here are some pics from yesterday and earlier today.  Paula and Jon picking up heavy loads; our very own awesome Harriet knocking out a WOD; Dale, Brian, Ryan, and Anneliese killing yesterday’s bearcrawls, and also Randy and two of Mount Pleasant’s finest, Brandon and Jon, knocking out today’s beauty.

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SWOD:   Skill work day
                Taking 5 minutes each, take your time to work on each skill;
                Double Unders, Handstand Push ups, Ring Dips
WOD:    AMRAP in 15 mins:
             200m Run with med ball (14lb)
            12 Kettlebell swings  (1 pood)
            10 pull ups
            8 push ups

2 Comments on “4-4-2012

  1. 4 1/2 rounds plus 5 pullups

    yeah thats right, I’m counting half rounds.

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