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“We talkin  ’bout practice…PRACTICE!?!?” -Allen Iverson

Aaaah, Allen Iverson, thank you for your hilariously awful conference.
The thing about practice that everyone needs to understand is that it NEEDS to be done.  And it also needs to be done perfectly, because only perfect practice makes perfect.  You don’t magically get better at rope climbs, double unders, or over head squats by joking around and going through the motions.  You must be focused and working on destroying weaknesses until they become strengths.  So lets get at it!!
But first, some pics…….

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WOD:  Determine 3 movements, lifts, or skills that you want to focus on.  For example, you can focus on kipping pullups, overhead squats, rope climbs, double unders, etc.  This is a day were we will take the time to hone the necessary skills in these different movements to become better all-around.
P.s.  be sure to pic movements that you actually NEED to work on.  If you are already killer at over head squats, then leave them for another day.

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  1. Thanks for the help on the butterfly pullup’s…..between Jeremy and Conner i think i finally grasp the movement 🙂 Your going down next time Helen!!!!

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