Stupid weather………

So as you all know or found out when you showed up last evening, classes had to be cancelled.  We lost power in the freak wind/rain/more wind storm yesterday around 230-240pm-ish.  So since it was darker than a creepy basement in here, and I couldn’t open the big door for some light due to the hurricane winds, I made the call to give you all one more rest day.  I apologize to those who I couldn’t contact last night, and I hope we are still cool.

And yes, I know I dropped the ball with not getting a post up in time before the power decided to check out, again, my bad.

Anyways, today we will be doing yesterday’s programmed day so let’s get at it kids!!!!

If you want to come in a little early and get in your dead lift too, feel free!!

SWOD:   Back Squat  tempo 70% x-3-x-0
                Press 3×5 +5lbs
WOD:  4 rounds
             15 wall ball (20/14)
            2 min row at 550m pace
           rest 1 minute between rounds

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