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What are we eating guys?  In order to use  your hard work inside this magical place to get you closer to your goals, you need to make sure you are putting the right stuff in your belly.  Real quick I will throw out an outline of how you should be eating.  Again, this is an outline, but following this protocol will lead to fat loss, strength gain, and awesomeness!

– Eat animal based protein, a lot.  Add to that as many veggies as you can handle; leafy greens, onions, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peppers, etc.  And when it comes to starches like sweet taters, save them for post workout, when you earn them, and don’t eat the skins.  And also you should be consuming saturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids, i.e. avocado, coconut (in the form of meat, flour, oil, etc.) animal fats (butter and tallow from quality grass fed sources) and olive oil.  Limit your fruits to morning or post workout meals and choose nuts like macadamia, almonds, or cashews.  Just be aware of how many you are eating, try for only a handful at a time.  Make sure each meal is made up of all three parts (protein, veggie, fat) and make sure your post workout meal is protein and carb.  Drink a lot of water and if nothing else COMPLETELY ELIMINATE CEREAL GRAINS, SUGAR, LEGUMES (beans), AND VEGGIE OILS.  If you ask me later, I will go into more detail as of why.  But try cutting out grains and sugar (i.e. pasta, bread, processed food, and most everything that comes in a box or fast food) for a week, and see how you feel and perform.  10 bucks says you feel phenomenal!

Here’s the part you were waiting for……..the pics!!!

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SWOD:  Front Squat 3×5 (find base)
               Bench 3×5 (+5 lbs)
WOD:  4 rounds:
             1-minute L-sit hold
            10 lateral jumps
           20 yd prowler suicide (guys-140lbs, gals-95lbs)
          2 minute rest between rounds

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  1. Just because I asked about the prowler did not mean I wanted to use it……

  2. Thanks for the introduction coach……Now i see why they call it the butcher sled 😉

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