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Hey CFW peeps!  Today will be a super mega post due to the fact that yesterday got hectic and I didn’t have time to make one.  So today you get two in one!!  Awesome for you, right?  So here goes.  As of now we will be proudly teamed up with Stronger Faster Healthier and offering their awesome fish oil and whey proteins.  By now you guys should know about how good their stuff is from either Paula or me, and if you haven’t then just ask me.  This is the best quality fish oil and protein products that I have ever tried and we teamed up with them so that we can offer it to our community for cheaper.  Anyways, ask me for more info, or check out their website and read all their info.  An order sheet will be set up shortly, and we will hopefully make the first order in early May.

Great job yesterday everybody!  If you didn’t notice, you guys are looking super awesome on your lifts, especially squats!  Keep it up!
SWOD-  Back Squat 3×5 (+5lbs)
               Press 3×5 (+5lbs)
WOD-   AMRAP in 8 mins:
              8 overhead walking lunges
             8 upright rows
            8 kayaks
    *Perform with either a 45 or 25lb plate
   ** 5 burpee penalty each time weight is dropped
XTRA-  Reverse Hyper 3×10

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SWOD-  Deadlift 5RM (+10lbs)
              3 Max Rep Pull ups
WOD-  (6) 40yd sprints
             Add weight each round for first three rounds, drop weight each round for last three rounds
XTRA- 3×10 Dips/Ring Dips

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