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Great job to Paula and Anneliese yesterday who pulled a 205 dead lift and a body weight dead lift respectively!!  You can watch in awe in the pics below.

I hope you all see and recognize the progress that you have been making lately, either in your strength, power, speed, cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, or accuracy.  I know I can see the changes that are happening, and I want them to be celebrated!  Keep up the great work everybody!

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WOD- Skill day
            Choose 3 skills/movements to work on, spend 15 minutes on each.  Choose (1) barbell movement, (1) gymnastics movement, and (1) movement of choice.  Remember to FOCUS on these movements.  This is the time to practice and get better/more familiar with movements in a non timed/competitive environment.


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