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That will be my focus for this gym and for all of you this next month.  Slowly or quickly, which ever it becomes, I will be steadfastly focused on growing the numbers of our community, the growth of your fitness, the growth of our outreach, the growth of new programs.  I would like you all to join me in this quest this month.  Always push yourselves and those around you during the SWOD/WODs, stay FOCUSED, dial in your nutrition/sleep.  And most importantly ENJOY your time here and outside of here.  Go on a bike ride with your family, or go to the park, or walk around town.  Enjoy and utilize this fitness you are building and share it with others.

SWOD-  Power Clean 5×3 (+5lbs)
WOD- 4 rounds for time:
            6 Dead lift
           6 Bent over row
          6 Hang power clean
         6 Front squats
        6 Push Press
       6 Push ups holding the bar
*Each movement completed with same bar, same weight.  Dropping the bar for rest is ok.
**Weight is determined by your weakest lift

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