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Fun weekend?  I hope so, mine was.  I played in an Exiles alumni rugby game here in Mount Pleasant.  I scored twice and remembered how rough and fun a game it is! Then I spent the rest of the weekend helping a fellow CFW’er, who just so happens to be my brother-in-law, move his family into their new house!  It was a busy and fun-filled weekend.

What did you guys do?  Post in comments!!

Click here for some rugby fun!!

SWOD- Back Squat 3×5 (+5lbs)
WOD- For Time:
 200m row
4 pull ups
4 step ups w/barbell – alternating legs
4 press
200m row
8 pull ups
8 step ups
8 press
200m row
12 pull ups
12 step ups
12 press
*Weight used is 70% of press

4 Comments on “4-30-2012

  1. I’m working in Alma this week and staying in Mt. Pleasant. I normally train with Guerrilla CrossFit at Fort Wayne Strength and Conditioning … Looking forward to checking out CrossFit Worthy !!!

  2. i did this…… and it sucked

    suicide on the basketball court
    (from the baseline to near free throw line and back, half court and back, opposite free throw and back, opposite base line and back) w/ a 30lb medicine ball
    12 wall ball w/ 30lb medicine ball
    10 pull ups
    8 hand release push up
    15 min AMRAP
    I got 6 rounds

    a little variation of one of your WODs but i didn’t have a kettle bell

  3. NICE Connor!!! That’s awesome!! You should add in some 30lb medicine ball dunks next time your on the b-ball court. That would be epic!!

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