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Hello again everybody!!

Can you believe May is already almost over!?  I feel like this year has been going in hyper-drive and not stopping.  To be honest I feel like the last year and a half have been flying by for me.  I feel like I am running around and always looking toward the future and the next thing instead of living in and loving the moment and time that is going on right now.  The next step for growing the gym, the next step in Susie and I’s life, the next meal; instead of enjoying where the gym is now and where Susie and I are in our marriage, and the eggs I had for breakfast.  When I slow down for a second, reflect and enjoy these three scenarios, I can’t believe how awesome my life is!!!  What I’m trying to get at is enjoy the moment.  Stop itching to get to the end product.  Enjoy the journey, because that is where the adventure lies, not in the destination.

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SWOD- Box Squat 3×5 
               Press 3×5 (+5lbs)
WOD-   21-15-9
               Hang Power Clean @ 70%
              Wall Ball 20/14#

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