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Can you believe that June is already almost done!!  Holy Cow!!  Where did it go?  Anyways, I hope you guys are enjoying your summer so far!  And what I really hope is that you are outside and doing as many activities with your family and what not that you possibly can!!  Also, while you are out and about and being awesome, take notice on how you feel.  Are activities easier or more enjoyable now with your rising health and fitness?  I hope so!  Make sure you guys get out and have fun as much as possible!!!

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WOD- Mobility/Recovery/Skill
             We will be spending a lot of time opening up, mobilizing, and stretching out your beat up body so that you can feel normal or better, and be ready to dominate the next two days.  We will also be working on rope climbs and handstand holds/push ups.
6pm class we will be holding another free yoga class.  So make sure to stop in and try it.  Guys, this means you!  

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