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Yay!  Christmas came early!!  I got my wish for unbearable heat and mugginess!!  For real though, check your hydration guys.  It’s no joke.  In weather like this it can creep up on you, make you feel even hotter than it really is, and also slow your training gains.  SO BE SMART!  Water with plenty of electrolytes!!

Check these fireworks!

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SWOD- Front squat 3×5 (+10lbs)
              Bench 5×3 @ 80% (speed) 15-30s rest
WOD- AMRAP in 8 mins
            16 overhead lunges
           10 upright rows
          *complete amrap with a 15, 25, or 45lb plate, as heavy as you can handle
XTRA- Tabata side planks

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