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Hey all!

What a beautiful week so far!  only 10 degrees cooler than last week but sooo worth it!

If you guys run into Emily R. this week then give her a farewell.  She’ll be leaving us for awhile while she is off to Nicaragua doing all she can to help out there.  Also, compliment her on how far she has come on her weightlifting and barbell technique.  This was one of her goals when she first came in, and her skills have greatly improved.

As has everyone else’s skills!  Guys, don’t hesitate to congratulate each other on accomplishments that you have made since being here.  I see them all the time and I know you do too!  Keep the positive atmosphere that we have here and keep pushing each other towards your  own individual goals!

Here’s some pics from our friend Kevin running a 5k with his son this past weekend and some more pics of you guys doing what you do best!

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SWOD- Clean & Jerk 5×3 
               3 max rep chin-ups
WOD- 3 rounds
            400m run
           10 push ups/renegade rows
XTRA- Tabata mountain climbers

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