“Physical strength is the most important thing in life.
This is true whether we want it to be or not.”   -Mark Rippetoe





How do you have a long, fulfilling life and stay out of the nursing home as you get older?  You keep your strength.  Plain and simple, if you are weak you cannot take care of yourself as you get older.  I have seen it in my own family members.  The ones who stay active and strong are leading the healthiest lives right now.  Take a page out of this impressive women’s book, along with our own Harriett’s example too, and do not be afraid to be strong.

SWOD- back squat 3×5 (+5lbs)
               Bench 3×5 (+5lbs)
WOD- 3 rounds
            6 deadlift @ 70%
           15 burpees

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