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Did you guys watch the games this weekend?  Or did you go camping?  Go fishing?  How about play outside with your kids?  Or just play outside period!?  Well I hope you did at least one of those things if not something else equally awesome!  I didn’t get the chance to watch the games this weekend, so I’m making that up now with a marathon of as much of the coverage as possible.  If you too missed out, I suggest you go to the games site and watch some clips, and p.s. (spoiler alert!!) It ends the same way as it did last year with Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir winning the cake, but there is a whole bunch of stuff in the middle of all that that was extremely fun and exciting.

The cool thing about the games is, if you watch closely you’ll notice that the workouts that they do at the games, are pretty much the same thing we do here on a regular basis.  Yeah maybe on a much bigger scale, but we are all training alike and doing similar things.

Now look at this display of beard power


SWOD- Tempo back squat x3x0 @ 70-75%

WOD- AMRAP in 10 mins:
            400m run
           7 push press @ 70%
          7 pull ups


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