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HOT POTATO!!!  Not really though, maybe if you left a potato out on the sidewalk today.  But really I’m referencing this awful heat that has already started today.  As of 11:36am, as I write this post it is already 91 degs. And by the start of evening classes at 3pm it is scheduled to be 99 and I’m gonna guess go no where but up from there.  So here’s the dealio.  KEEP HYDRATED!!  If you plan on coming in this evening then let me know as soon as possible!!  For serious, text or call me.  Let me know if you are planning on not coming in also.  I just wanna know where you guys are at so you aren’t left high and dry.

Anyways guys, stay cool!!

SWOD- 3 max rep chin ups

WOD- EMOM for 8 mins:
            1 burpee
           1 deadlift
          1 powerclean
         1 front squat
*use a weight that is 75-80% your max power clean
**each round add one more burpee to the complex, first minute do one burpee, second minute do two, and so on till the last minute when you complete 8 before the complex.

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