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So power was lost for a brief moment last night during the storms, and it seems that somehow this messed up our internet connection as well.  Along with internet, my phone didn’t work either.  Not sure if this happened to anyone else or if it was just me, but I tell you what, it is a huge wake up call when you realize how much we take this magic thing called technology for granted.  I mean it’s not like I was left stranded on a desert island not knowing what to do with myself, but still not being able to write the post, make phone calls, surf the interwebs, listen to music through pandora, or do any of the other morning rituals kinda blows.  But in reality that is why we do what we do here.  To be ready for the unknown and unknowable.  Sure this wasn’t life threatening or physical in any nature, but it still took me out of my comfort zone and forced me out that usual routine.  Remember, routine is the enemy!  Constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  So in that regard we will celebrate pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone with burpees!!!  150 burpees for time!!……….NO we will not, I am totally and fully pulling your leg.  Let’s get at it!

SWOD- Take 15-20 minutes to find your max height box jump

WOD- 12 ring dips or pushups
             500m row
           rest 1 minute
          12 dumbbell bent over rows
         400m run
        rest 1 minute
       3 max effort handstand holds or hand stand push ups
*The row and run are sprint distance and should be treated as such.  Push yourself as hard as you can on these.

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