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What is the similarity between an NFL linebacker, NBA player, a 40m sprinter, and an 1000 lb squat power lifter?  Their ability to generate force through their hips.  All athletic endeavors start with the hips.  If one can generate a great deal of force production “explosively” they can jump higher, sprint faster, and lift heavier.  If you took all four of these athletes and put them in a line up and tested their vertical jump or max height box jump, I’m willing to bet that the numbers would all be pretty comparable, and all would be extremely high that’s for sure.

So anyways, what we are doing today is working on that force production through your hips.  Fine tuning your ability for motor unit recruitment within the muscles of your hips in order to generate more power.

In non-geeky speak, we are gonna lift heavy, then jump on stuff so that you become more awesome!

SWOD- Front squat 5-5-5-5-5 (progressive loading, the fourth set should be your current 5rm, and the fifth set should be at least +5lbs)
Between each set of squats perform 2-1-2-1-2 reps of standing box jumps @75% for 2 reps, and 80% for 1 rep.  Use your 1 rep max height that we found yesterday(7-18-2012) for your percentages.
Rest 1-2 minutes between lift + jump combos.
WOD-  For time:
            push ups
           abmat sit ups
          ring rows

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