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Ever get that nagging feeling in the back of your head during a hard workout or sometime throughout the day that is telling you to stop what you are doing, to give up.  That little voice saying “this is too hard, you should stop!  C’mon stop! You’ll feel better, just stop already!  You’ll never be better, you can’t do it!”  or something along those lines.  When you start to sense that little voice creeping in, make a conscious effort to smite it as quickly as possible.  Think positively, all the time.  For real, the more you believe you can do something the more attainable, enjoyable, and fun it becomes.  Kill that negative voice all day everyday and really practice it when you are here busting your butt and proving that nagging voice wrong.  Be better!  Believe in yourself and others and let’s see how far you guys can go!

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SWOD- Deadlift 5rm M.E.

WOD- 8 rounds for time:
            3 Hang Power Cleans @ 90% of power clean
Sprint 50 yards
         *Rest 45 seconds between rounds
XTRA- Tabata side planks

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