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It is the most underrated part of training.  People will work there butt off in the gym, but when they are done with that last rep they are out the door soon after.  Then they get home, sit down stop moving and go to bed.  They stiffen up and wake up the next morning and wonder what happened.  The only way to keep performing at the top of your game and to keep getting stronger, faster, and overall improving is to get your recovery in check.  It’s pretty easy to do too.  Never mind the nutrition aspect of recovery, that is another story.  But what we need to do is make sure we take care of all your soft tissues after training so that they can heal properly.  That means rolling out, mobility, stretching, icing/ice baths if need be, and proper sleep.  You really only need maybe 5 or 10 minutes after training to see a marked improvement in your recovery ability.  Try it out, and let’s see how you feel.



WOD- Make up a workout that you missed this week – or –  Spend time doing a lot of mobility to heal your bodies and soft tissues for the rest of the week.

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