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P90X, Jillian Michaels, Booty Shake, *insert any other video here*, are all legit programs right?  I mean they are convenient, hard work, with a coach right there on your screen showing you correct movement right!?  And they have help hundreds of people get into amazing shape right!  I mean that’s what the infomercials and Facebook tell me!

I’m sorry to burst your bubble there, but if you are serious about becoming fitter, stronger, leaner, or healthier then you can buy or pirate all the tapes in the world but I guarantee you’re never going to get the results you want.  You will just get frustrated, bored, or injured and move on to the next tape.  That’s why they have been coming out with new workout tapes since the 70’s.  And yes I said injured back there.  That famous trainer on your screen there is not correcting any of your movements.  The are not seeing your caving knees, your lost lumbar, your quad dominance, or flaring elbows.  They just keep saying, “Great job!  There you got it! PUSH, PUSH!”  And don’t even get me started on their awesome ” 10-page nutrition guide.”

In reality I know that you already realize that workout tapes are bogus for anything fitness related.  I know this because you are reading this, and that I probably see you everyday busting your butt in here achieving real athletic, fitness and health goals.  But please, if you have friends or family who still insist that the tapes are the way to go, please show them the light and bring them to CrossFit Worthy, or at least teach them what you have learned here about true training.  Don’t let them swing kettlebells like Jillian Michaels.

Don’t be this person……

SWOD- Bench 3×5 (+5lbs)
              3 max rep pull ups
WOD- AMRAP in 4 minutes:
            7 overhead sit ups
           7 db push press LH
          7 db push press RH
         2 minute rest
         3 rounds for time:
        20 wall ball
       10 reverse throws

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