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August, the final frontier…….well maybe for someone.  Hey guys here’s a quick tip/challenge for this month.  How about you try having eggs and bacon instead of that cereal or oatmeal for breakfast.  In reality, just pair some sort of protein source with a good fat and you will be good to go.  Protein examples would be: eggs, sausage, salmon or steak.  And good fat sources would be avocado, olive oil, macadamia nut or almonds.  Bacon and sausage are actually good sources of both protein and fat.  Try this for the month and see how your mornings go.  I bet you $10 dollars that you won’t crash like you used to with your cereal or oatmeal.

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SWOD- Rope climbs

WOD- Make up a missed WOD
            – or –
           Spend time on mobility, then choose 3 bodyweight movements and perform a quick AMRAP.  Such as:
          AMRAP in 10 mins:
         10 ring dips
         10 ring rows
         10 HSPU

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