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Just in case you didn’t know, we get most of our equipment from Rogue Fitness out of Columbus, Ohio.  Not just because they make awesome toys that can handle the abuse that you guys put on them, but because they are a company built up of genuinely awesome people!  Yesterday Susie and Anneliese visited Rogue while on a trip down to Columbus.  They got an awesome workout in, then gave Susie a tour of their facility and even let her walk off with some free gear.  They are super humble and awesome people, so if you guys are looking to get some equipment for home, or you have a friend or family member looking for gym equipment for home, don’t let them pass up Rogue.

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SWOD- Power clean 5×3 (+5lbs)

WOD- AMRAP in 12 mins:
            40 yd shuttle sprint
           6 push press @ 70%
          10 weighted step ups
          6 pull ups
XTRA- Tabata Supermans

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