So here is an update for how this Paleo seminar and subsequent Paleo challenge are going to go.  The Paleo seminar will be at 6pm here at CrossFit Worthy.  You don’t really need to bring anything besides your own bad self.  We will provide you with pens and handouts for notes and what not.  The seminar will be about 30-45 minutes, then we can do a Q and A type thing.  At that point if you are not interested in doing the Paleo challenge, then you can book it.  All others will stay for a little longer and we will cover what the challenge is all about and what is entailed, and we’ll have a little party….maybe.  Remember eating for performance = eating for health.

SWOD- Dumbbell Bench press 3x max effort

WOD- EMOM for 10 minutes:
           2 thrusters @ 75-80% of press
          1 front squat
         *each round add one front squat.  So round 1 is 2 thrusters 1 front squat, round 2 is 2 thrusters 2 FS, etc.
XTRA- Tabata Hollow body/superman

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