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Day Two.

So your two days into this.  How are you feeling?  If you are being pretty strict and really cutting out the grains, legumes, dairy, and sugar you might be starting to feel a little lethargic or cranky even.  It will pass I promise.  You just have to allow your system ample time to switch over to running off of ketones instead of glucose for fuel.  Think about it, it took years, YEARS for you to get where you are now.  So just give your body a little time to make the switch and begin to heal itself.

Below is a link to the “Carbs are killing you” infographic that we have up on our wall in the gym.  This way you can read it more clearly and pass it on to others if you’d like.

Carbs are killing you infographic.


SWOD- Pendlay row 3×10 (heavy)
               3 max rep  weighted chin ups
WOD- EMOM for 10 minutes:
            40yd prowler shuttle
*down on the high handles, back on the low.
*Each trip we will add weight to the prowler, until you do not complete a trip in time.  In this case you will stay at that weight but do not stop pushing prowler until 10 minutes is up.  Record heaviest achieved

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