Day Three.

Hey guys, here are a few more informative infographics for you to read, save, and share.  Look at, read, and learn from them.

How are you all doing so far?  Personally, I am feeling great.  I’ve been sleeping better, I’m not as sore as I usually am after hard days, and all around I am feeling stronger.  We’ll test that as time goes on, but I really am feeling an improvement in these short few days.  Let me know how you guys are feeling, and don’t be afraid to ask me questions or advice.  Keep up the great work everyone!

Ultimate guide to Paleo Eating

The Paleo Diet Explained

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


WOD- *Spend 20-minutes mobilizing, checking, and re-checking the bottom of your squat position
             *5-minute squat test
             *Gymnastics volume: 3×10 superset of dips and as close to horizontal as possible ring rows
             *2k row – NOT for time

One thought on “8-15-2012

  1. Feeling good so far, I am missing my SFH recovery I left at home because I AM SORE, however should make for a good nights sleep tonight. Just realized last night that my local coffee house carries almond milk and may try a latte tomorrow, which I am really excited for. Hope everyone else is doing well too. Yay paleo challenge!


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