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Day four.

It is also Thursday, which means the farmer’s market is open and full of TONS of fruits and vegetables for you to enjoy and implement into your diet.  Grass-fed and wild caught meats should make up a bulk of your food, but they should not eclipse the amount of vegetables and fruits you should be eating!  Remember, your plate should look like a protein source the size of your palm or fist and the rest is filled as much as possible with nutrient dense vegetables!  Go get some greens!!  And did I mention that vegetables and fruits are cheaper at the farmer’s market….

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SWOD- Front squat 3×3 (pause 3 seconds at bottom)
               Bench 3rm M.E.
WOD- 4 rounds for time:
             3 power clean @ 75%
            6 box jumps
           12 wall ball

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