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DAY 9! If you are a Paleo Challenger, it is probably getting a little easier to find something to eat and to resist the temptations! Good for you! I’m very proud of all of your for sticking with this, (cough, cough, Dale)!  I know it is really tough at times, I went through the “withdraws” too. So I just want you all to know that I support you and if you have any questions, I am here to help!!

Enough rambling for now- 🙂 Get in here!

A.)3 rep max of rope pull ups/ 3×5 rope lowers
B.) 3×10 ring dips/ push ups
WOD- 6 Rounds of:
10 DeadLifts @ 50%
60yd shuttle sprint
45 second rest
  • BONUS: 1/2 tabata L-Sit hold 🙂

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  1. You said you would crave it….but i felt like a crackhead needing a fix! does that make me me a carbhead 🙂 i crashed for a couple days well traveling but the the last couple have been good!

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