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Day 10.

Hello, I’m Jeremy!  What’s your name?

I can’t believe it’s that easy, but it really is.  Let me back up a bit.  In the last week or so we have had a pretty large influx of new faces around here.  And as we follow this trend into the start of the school year we will more than likely see more and more new faces.  So think back to your first day coming in to try out your first class and see what this CrossFit thing was all about.  Remember being anxious or nervous at all?  Or intimidated?  Well now think about how it would be if you were coming in for your first time today.  A few months ago, each of you were pretty much walking into a big open box with a pull up rig and me asking “How ya feeling?”  with only one or two people in the background, if that.  These days, newbies are still walking in and seeing that pull up rig and me asking questions, but in the background they see all you regulars or seniors rather, back there throwing around huge weights an banging out pull ups.  It’s a little more intimidating.  So moral to my story is this, put on a smile guys.  Put on a smile, say hello, and welcome all the newbs.  Remember what it was like to be in their shoes.


WOD- 3 rounds:
             A) Max rep handstand push ups/ handstand holds
            B) Max time ring support
           3 rounds:
           300m row
           rest 1 minute

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