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It’s already Thursday! WOW—this week has gone by quick!

DAY 11 of the PALEO CHALLENGE! Only…..19 DAYS TO GO! Almost to the half way point–can’t turn back now! 🙂

You DO NOT want to miss today’s WOD….(you shouldn’t miss any day, but….)

You might cry today- your body will be in so much pain when your done—

  • 200 Air Squats, 100 Wall Ball, and then a 1-mile run FOR TIME!

JUST KIDDING! 🙂 hehehe!

A.) Front Squat 7×2
B.) Max Rep Push-Ups for 1 minute
60 Rope Lashes
30Kb Swings
15 Box Jumps
30 Kb Swings
60 Rope Lashes
See you shortly 🙂

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