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I cannot believe our weekend is OVER! WOWZERS—-that went by super fast! (If you can’t tell, this is Susie! :))  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the weather! Speaking of the weather, wasn’t it just last week it was turning to fall weather, and now its back to full blast summer again? I personally like the summer, but holy cow, its HOT!

Are you ready for a PICTURE EXTRAVAGANZA?!?!

WARNING: There are TONS of pictures today, because I am so proud to show each and everyone of you off 🙂 You all work so hard, and although in pictures you can’t see how hard your pushing yourselves,  the experience should bring the pictures to life!


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Alrighty, lets get to it!

BackSquat: 5×3, at 90%
Press: 5×3, 90%
WOD: 4 Rounds
10 Burpees
10 Wall Balls
10 Thrusters @ 60% of Press
BONUS: 30 AbMat SitUps! 



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