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Heads up!

Keep in mind that we will be making a little schedule change come next Tuesday (September 4th). If you are not sure what this change entails, please ask me and I will gladly take you to the nearest paper taped to the wall that lists them.

Also, you probably already realize this, but we will be closed Monday (September 3rd)  for Labor Day.  We will be open this Saturday (September 1st) at 9:30am and 3pm.

Last one I swear!  September will mark the start of our On-ramp program.  So from now on, we will no longer have brand-new people in our regular classes.  It has become too busy to allow the way we have been operating to continue.  On-ramp will basically be a month long curriculum in which movements and lifts are introduced to new members in a very in-depth classroom style learning environment.  New athletes will be “ramped up” in intensity so that by the time they graduate on-ramp, they will seamlessly mix in to the regular classes.  The focus is to make sure that new people get the attention and education they deserve, and existing members get the attention, critique, detail  and education that they deserve.

If you guys want to bring friends to CrossFit to try it out before embarking on a membership in our program, they are more than  welcome to come to our free Saturday class at 10:30am.  It will be a class set up specifically for new comers and you are more than welcome to join them too so that they don’t have to do it themselves.

We really think these few new changes will really help to better everyone’s experience here at Worthy.  If anybody has an issue with anything, or you have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to bring it forward.  Along with giving you guys great programming and coaching, we want to make sure you are enjoying your time, and having fun too.

Thanks for reading this huge post!


WOD- 3 rounds NOT for time:
            5 pull ups
           10 push ups
          15 squats
          5 pull ups
         10 push ups
         15 squats
         400m run/or 500m row
XTRA- Tabata plank holds

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