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Good Morning CFW’ers! I cannot believe that it is already the last day in August! That baffles me!

So what are your plans for this long weekend ahead of us? {post in comments}

My grandparents have a party ever year on Labor Day, up in Gaylord. So Jeremy and I will be heading up there to help out—the only bad news—-there will be a TON of non-Paleo food 🙁 Which just means we will be bringing our own! 🙂

Paleo Challengers—how are you feeling? By now its probably not very hard to know what you can and cannot eat! Post in the comments any struggles your having, as others may be having them too, and any tips, tricks, good recipes, or terrible recipes!

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Today is a ‘Fight Gone Bad’ type of day–if you don’t know what that is, well, your in luck! 😉 It is a fun, but intense, station workout!

Power Clean 5×3, +5lbs.
WOD-  Fight Gone Bad:
3 Rounds, rotating each  minute:
Wall Ball 20/14
Sumo DeadLift High-Pulls 75/55
Box Jumps 24/20
Push Press 75/55
Row for Calories
=count each rep for score! 

2 Comments on “8.31.12

  1. What are you doing next weekend? I would like to go quad riding up north. Are you available and want to go? Quad ready?


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