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Sorry about this late-in-the-day post guys!

I want to share that today is a very special and emotional day for me. 4 years ago today my dad, Tom, was injured very badly in a quad accident. An emergency helicopter landed in our backyard and took my dad to the nearest hospital for severe head trauma.  I say today is a “special” day because God chose to let my Dad live and gave him a second chance at life.  I am beyond grateful for the memories I’ve had with him and the memories we will continue to make. I love you Dad!

Alright, enough of the sappiness– 😉

Front Squat 5×3, +5lbs.
AMRAP  in 8 min.:
10  Dumb Bell Thrusters (heavy)
10 Kettle Bell Swings (heavy)
10 Hand Release Push-ups
Bonus: 3×10 Med Ball Throws {FUN}

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