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Heads up everyone!  This is the last week of the Paleo challenge!  So in regards to that the format of our week will be slightly changed.  We will be testing Friday.  By testing I mean we will be finding a new 5rm M.E. Back Squat and Press, along with running the WOD “Caveman Challenge” to see how much progress we have made over the last month.  I’m hoping for and expecting some big results.  So along with testing Friday, we will be taking our normal “active rest day” that usually falls on Wednesday, and we will push it to Thursday.  The point of this change is to make sure we are all recovered and ready come test day.  So the rest of the week will be a little “lighter” than usual.

Also, due to the testing at the end of the week, we will be holding off the new strength programming/programming format until next week.  We will also be seeing more assistance work during the SWOD’s  this week.  This is in order to keep working on our weaknesses while keeping overall intensity and volume low for test day.

SWOD- A)Good Mornings 3×10 (light) <50% of back squat
               B) 3×50 single jumps
WOD- 3 rounds:
            15 over-the-box jumps 24/20″
           20 kb swings
           15 supine ring rows
XTRA- Tabata side planks

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