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It has been a VERY busy week for us! Sorry for the lack of excitement in the last 2 posts!  We do have some exciting news to share! 

Monday was a BIG day!

One of our members, Brad Ruiz, welcomed a new baby girl, Amelia Elise Ruiz, to the world!!!!!!!!!!! She is precious! I, Susie, have been over to their house most of the week taking care of their older 3 girls! We are very blessed to be so close to this family! They are so wonderful and deserve all their blessings! 

AND another wonderful baby GIRL was born on Monday!! {WOW!} Allison & Dave Hendrickson, very close friends from college, had their baby girl, Aubrey Marie Hendrickson too!!! She is so adorable!! Sadly, they live in North Carolina so we have only seen Aubrey from pictures! 

On other news—-PALEO CHALLENGE ENDS TOMORROW!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!! I am fully prepared to feel absolutely awful this weekend as I will fill my mouth with ice cream :D….on several occasions! But, then I will jump back into “Paleo eating” on Monday! For the time being though, I am VERY excited for ice cream! What about other Paleo challengers? Will you continue eating Paleo?

Choose a workout missed from earlier this week OR spend 20-30 minutes on Mobility!
Choose a mono-structural movement (running, rowing, jump roping) and sandwich between  
3 rounds: (NOT FOR TIME)
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats
Bonus: Leg Sweeps 5×3 each direction

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