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HOLY COW! It’s OCTOBER! How in the world did September go by so quickly?? Grrrr…..I am SOOOO not ready for Halloween, or frost in the mornings, or snow! NO THANKS!!!

What did you do over the weekend? We had great fun! 🙂 We rented two movies {The Avengers, and Five Year Engagement} and both were great! (That usually doesn’t happen!) Then our sweet baby nephew, Bentley, turned 1 yesterday! The party was a hit–we got to see family and friends–YAY! 
But Bentley turning 1 year old got us thinking—SOOOO MUCH HAS CHANGED IN THE LAST 364 days!! The day Bentley was born Jeremy was working in Harrison as an Engineer, and I was teaching at a DayCare! This place {CFW} was just a dream—-with no chance of it becoming a reality, or so we thought! 
Crazy, huh?!!
Level 1: Back Squat 3×5 (+5lbs.)
Press 3×5 (+5lbs.)
Level 2: Clean & Jerk 3x 2+1
Back Squat 3x [5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95%]
For Time:
Ring Push Ups
Knees to Elbows
Air Squats
*Bonus- [Midline] Tabata ‘L-sit’ hold

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  1. Hey that’s a workout I can do at home. Thanks. I will add it to my list for next week, because this week is already planned out. Emily.

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