HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Were not giving out candy today, nope! We’re giving you a WOD that will make you sweat buckets.

No, not really! Unless your wearing your Halloween costume (CALEB!!!) or  missed out on Monday or Tuesdays WOD, in that case, then yes, you will be sweating! Today is full of MOBILITY, ROWING intervals, HANDSTANDS,  DOUBLE UNDERS, & L-SITS! Lucky us! 🙂

Did you enjoy all those pictures yesterday? I really hope you looked through ALL of them…because it seriously took a while to upload them all 😉 But, I honestly love showing off how amazing you are!

If you didn’t get the memo yesterday and you haven’t been in here yet today, then WEAR YOUR COSTUME! Jeremy & I are Rugby players—yes, very original!  But, I would like to have a picture of everyone dressed up, doing a WOD! I’d actually like to frame it!


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