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So I have just decided that for the rest of the month of November, I will be going pretty strict Paleo.  I am also going to try to hold my will power thru the holiday Armageddon called Thanksgiving.  If anybody is with me, let me know.  We will all get on a list together so we can keep check and keep each other accountable.  Let’s call it a impromptu Paleo challenge!
Lv. 1- Power Clean 5×3
            Dead Lift 5RM M.E.
Lv. 2- Back Squat
BWVolume- 2 strict pull ups every 30 seconds for 5 minutes.
WOD- AMRAP in 9 mins:
             3 Power Snatch @ 60%
             9 Pendlay Row
             6 Lateral Box Jumps
Midline- Tabata side planks

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