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We are partnering with OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD, to bring children in over 100 impoverished countries the joy of a Christmas present!
We will be sending gifts to:
  • BOY age 2-4
  • GIRL age 5-9
  • BOY age 10-14
Gift Suggestions:
School Supplies
Toys (cars, balls, dolls, jump ropes, etc.)
Hygiene Items (toothbrush & paste, comb, bar soap, etc.)
Clothing (socks, t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, etc.)
Personal Notes of encouragement
(Money donation envelope near boxes!)
 *Do NOT include:
Used or damaged items, guns (war related items), food, liquids or lotions, glass, aerosol cans.
 Let’s fill these shoe boxes together! (located in lobby!)
We will be sending these gifts out NOVEMBER 17th! So please have your donations here by then!
 Questions? See Susie! 
 Thank you in advance for sharing your Christmas joy with a Child!
In other news, we will be closed this Saturday (Nov. 10th) and will only be open for the AM classes on Friday (Nov. 9th). That means, on Friday, you must come to the 6am, 7:30am, 9am, & 10:30am-(for On-Rampers ONLY!) Please sign up online, we will be caping each class at 10 people!  We will be driving down to the great state of Ohio (sarcasm) for a CrossFit certification class for Susie!!! 
see wod
  • Make up a missed WOD  –OR–
  • Spend 15 minutes on Mobility
  • Spend 20 minutes on skill work
    • Handstand
    • Muscle Ups
    • Barbell, Oly Lifts
    • Rope Climbs
  • 2000m Row for time

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