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As most of you know- Jeremy & I went down to Columbus Ohio for my (Susie’s) level 1 CF certification! It was such an amazing experience!   I learned SOOO much and had a great time!! The certification class was at ROGUE, which was amazing in itself- and if you didn’t know, Rogue is where most of our equipment is from- they make great stuff! Since we were there- we decided to pick up a few new toys :):):) Our new toys consist of a GHD (Glute Ham Developer) machine, slam balls, farmer carry bars, two yokes, and MORE!!!!

We will be utilizing these new toys this week- so make sure to come in for some “extra” fun 😉

Level 1: Back Squat 3×5, +5 lbs.
Press 3×5, +5lbs
*On last set, go for max reps
Level 2: Snatch 2×3@65%, 2×3@75%, 3×1@85%
Clean & Jerk 2×3@65%, 2×3@75%, 3×1@85%
Body Weight Volume: Tabata Bottom 2 Bottom Squats
4 Rounds for time:
300m Row
15 Sit Ups
10 Hand release Push Ups
5 Pull Ups
Midline- Kb Halfmoon 3×10



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  1. Wow this was a great workout. My body felt like hello when I left the gym.

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