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*Remember a few days ago when I shared about filling shoe boxes with gifts for children? Well, the boxes are in the lobby (on the desk), and we have until THIS SATURDAY to fill them!! If you want to spread the joy of Christmas with a Child please bring a small gift to put in the box! More information can be found at the gym or on here, just a few days earlier! Thanks for your support in advance 🙂

* The next on-ramp class for beginners will start Monday, December 3rd! Classes are Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays @ 10:30am or 7:30pm!  Only 10 athletes per class so pre-registration is going on now! 

* I received a 25% off discount code for attending the CF certification class to The Reebok CrossFit Store!!! They have some pretty cool stuff, and have a decent sized “sale” section too! To check it out click: http://shopcrossfitreebok.com/! I would like to place the order no later than Monday, November 26th! To make sure our order will be here before Christmas! **See Susie for more details! **

* The next competition we will be competing in is on Sunday, December 16th in Auburn! If you want to participate, see Jeremy ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! We would also like to have a good size “cheering section” so if you don’t want to compete just yet, but want to watch you can do that too 🙂

* {LAST ANNOUNCEMENT!} Reminder that we have Gift Certificates! They will be displayed in the lobby if you’d like to take a look! Perfect for those friends or family members that want to try out CrossFit–available in any amount 🙂

  • Make up a missed WOD
  • Spend 15 minutes on Mobility
  • 20 minutes of skill work
    • Kipping
    • Hand Stands
    • Pistols
  • 15 minutes strictly double under practice

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