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Take some time and learn yourself a little about the Olympic Lifts.

Bar Path:

Bar Velocity:

Application of both:

Keep on the road to becoming more awesome everyday crew!

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Lv. 1 -*Overhead squat 5×3 (+5lbs)
            *Bench 3×5 (+5lbs)
Lv. 2 -*Drop Snatch 5×3 [Aggresive]
            *E.M.O.M. for 5 minutes complete 3 reps of 1 1/4 front squats @ 80%
                     Rest the remainder of each minute.
                    Stay tight and bounce off your hamstrings in the bottom position
                    as if you were receiving a clean. 
B.W.Volume -Tabata pushups/H.R. pushups/ring push ups
WOD- AMRAP in 12 mins:
             5 Thrusters @ 50% C+J
             10 Ball Slams
             15 D.U. / 40 S.U.
Midline- Hyper Ext. 3×10

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